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Overwhelm Solved
with Opt-Inbox™

Email Overwhelm Solved
with Opt-Inbox™

The Innovation

With Opt-Inbox YOU select which messages should count as “unread emails” to move to your inbox.

How It Works
  1. Incoming emails appear in a Twitter-like feed.
  2. Scan the feed and select the emails you want (or need) to handle. Move them to your inbox.
From This: 10,126
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What is Turing Productive Cloud?

Six Products

Turing Email
Turing Chat
Turing Tasks
Turing Calendar
Turing Notes
Turing Contacts
Who's the Cloud For?

Two Tiers

Pro Cloud

A Few Key Features:
  • Email Snooze & Send Later
  • Inbox Cleaner
  • Newsletter Unsubscribe
  • Email Templates

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Sales Cloud

A Few Key Features:
  • Includes Pro Features +
  • Email Tracking + Analytics
  • Mail Merge + Campaigns
  • Team Chat + Channels

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Turing Email makes checking your inbox as fun as using Slack

Where Can I use Turing?

Cross Platform + Device

What our customers are saying:

This is a brilliant product. No one else's comes close for power, elegance, and focus, and for providing just the right tools a professional needs in tracking and analyzing emails.”

- David Dessler, William and Mary College